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Company Vision

Shennona, a subsidiary of COMPAL, focuses on the Healthcare IoMT solutions and the Government Healthcare project and is based on the strong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) foundation of Compal to integrate precision manufacturing and innovative design for Healthcare IoT solutions. Shennona is devoted to using cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of an elderly-friendly healthcare environment in nursing homes and medical institutions with Government.

Company Value

Shennona has been established in 2019 by Compal as a subsidiary for Intelligent Healthcare Solutions, included Medical IoT Solutions and Government Healthcare Projects. Field service and localized application are the focus of Healthcare Technology, and also it is essential to meet the workflow of the Healthcare System for the greater effect of Healthcare Technology. As a result, Shennona is positioned to extend Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of Compal and to integrate precision manufacturing and perfect design for Healthcare IoT solutions.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry and the Healthcare industry play the important role in Taiwan, Shennona of COMPAL Group engaged in Intelligent Healthcare Solution with integrating business opportunities of both industries, and to bridge the gap of ICT and Medical Industry.


First of all, Medical institutes do not familiar with the Medical solution offered by ICT companies, on the other hand, ICT companies used to provide specific technical services, but it does not hit the customer needs of Medical Institutes or patients. Cognition difference is obvious between both.


Secondly, even if Medical institutes willing to share the industrial experience with ICT companies, but how to eliminate the gap of communication and to decrease the cost of Research and Development of ICT companies is a challenge. If the ICT industry and Medical industry can grow together and to know each other perfectly, then the cooperation of both can be smooth, and to increase the efficiency of project implementation and decrease the cost of the organization. To listen to Medical customer needs carefully, to well experience the real medical environment, to bridge the Medical RD team of COMPAL and the needs of Medical Institutes, and then to achieve Intelligent Healthcare solutions. All of them are the mission and value of Shennona.


Special Report


2021.03 Economy Daily News

Shennona Creates AI+5G Remote Smart Medical Solutions

The Smart City Exhibition is coming soon . Shennona will exhibit solutions focusing on  AI & 5G, also shows telemedicine solutions on Smart City Exhibition.


2020.11 AnkeCare Magazine

BoostFix uses AI to achieve precision training

Shennona was invited to introduce tele-rehabilitation in the Ankecare Magazine in November 2020.


2021.02 Learning & Development Magazine

BoostFix lets rehabilitation can be done at home without going out.

Shennona was invited to introduce the BoostFix solution in the Learning & Development Magazine, many experiences for tele-rehabilitation are discussed in the article.


2021.01 Apple Daily News

Stampede was introduced into Yingge Elementary School

After a month of construction, Yingge Elementary School in New Taipei City has officially announced a motion sport classroom today. Four sets of Stampede have been built in the classroom.

Video area


Somatosensory Classroom at Yingge Primary School


[ManCave 543] A 60-day weight loss plan to go all out


[iSports Commando EP12] Coach Ge challenges the stampede


Have fun with athletes at the Taiwan Sports Industry Expo



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